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Since 1997

At the heart of the development of the Social link through services to associations, companies, cultural or educational projects.


The North-South development association was born from the will of E.B. NGANGUE EBELLE, Master in business law (Lille Business School) - DA of Community law (University of Lille II - professor of management - Media man).

The spirit

A desire to live in a harmonious world where Love, fraternity and solidarity reign, where everyone contributes to building a better future for future generations.

The object

NSD is the engine of several cultural, social and economic actions. It promotes new North-South relations by enabling mankind to come out of intellectual and material poverty.


Promotes cultural exchanges through artistic, cinematographic and literary encounters. Support artistic creation and set up artistic management structures (an artist on the menu, Festival Rhythms and Voices from the South, cultural cafés, Pan-African Film Festival, Radio NSD, Roots and Cultures Magazine).


Raising awareness of respect for the environment in both the North and the South. Make the inhabitants of the South aware of the wealth they hold so that it can be preserved. The North must not be forgotten either, insofar as awareness-raising efforts must be intensified because respect for the environment remains only a reflex of a few marginalized people.


Promote North-South communication through regular meetings: seminars, conferences, debates. Set up communication structures such as digital communication, information platforms (Radio NSD, Roots and Cultures Magazine).


Facilitate the establishment of economic and social entities between the North and the South.


Raise awareness among young people about societal issues via our digital or physical platforms such as the NSD institute or the Festival.


Provide artists with tools and means to facilitate their expression: shows and organization of events, etc.


The knowledge of the two poles (North/South) resulting from the interbreeding and the spirit of the founding members.
Good knowledge of the social and cultural environment
The dynamism, know-how and team spirit of its members.

Our achievements

. Le Festival du Film Panafricain de la côte d'Azur depuis 2004
. Services de communication, cinéma & vidéo
. The Rhythms and Voices of the South Festival (Lille - Villeneuve d'Ascq) from 1997 to 2003
. Production de CDs : Contes (tchad), Kayo Fi-ujino
. Cafés Culturels ou rencontres cinématographiques depuis juin 2004 Depuis 1997, Nord Sud développement est au Coeur du Développement du lien Social par le biais de la Culture et l'éducation. Vous pouvez contribuer vous aussi au fonctionnement de l'association qui gère le Festival du Film PanAfricain et NSD.

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Our vision

Nord-Sud Développement (created in October 1997) aims to promote North-South relations with a single objective: Better living North-South relations. The only condition likely to allow us to achieve lasting peace in the world.

24 Years

of expertise

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